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BD Hindu persecution report December 22

During the month of December 2022, the situation in Bangladesh with regards to the persecution of Hindus has not drastically changed. During this month, numerous acts of aggression, including looting, destruction, kidnapping, and murder, as well as conversion to Islam, were inflicted upon minority Hindu and indigenous populations. This report seeks to outline the atrocities committed against the aforementioned communities in Bangladesh during the month of December.

Hindu Persecutions in Bangladesh during December, 2022.

Sunamganj: Hindu family ostracized by panchayat for not selling land

Nine Hindu families have been evicted for not following the decision of the Panchayat of Jamalganj in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. These Hindu families are left homeless due to persecution by the local panchayat. The victimised Hindu families approached the law, but the police did not help. As a result, the victim, Bharat Chandra Talukdar, and his relatives are currently homeless. It is alleged that the family of Bharat Chandra Talukdar has been ostracised for not selling the land to the local panchayat.

The family of the victim, Bharat Chandra Talukdar, alleged that the local panchayat was repeatedly pressuring their family to sell the land. The victim’s family, Bharat did not want to sell their family land to the panchayat. As a result, the local panchayat kept them in solitary confinement at the society.

Mymensingh: Former Chairman grabbing Hindu lands using antisocials

Former Chairman of Bhaluka Upazila Parishad Golam Mostafa and his family are at the top of the land grabbing of minority Hindus in Bhaluka of Mymensingh district in Bangladesh.

Victimized local minority Hindus have alleged that the Mustafa family has become addicted to taking the land of the minority Hindus in various ways. Also, there are many allegations against former Upazila chairman Golam Mostafa of embezzling lakhs of takas from various poor Hindu families. Golam Mostafa is the son-in-law of the daughter of Sirajuddin Khan alias Suruj Khan, a registered Razakar of Bhaluka Upazila.

Allegedly, Golam Mostafa did not stop after grabbing Ward Awami League’s General Secretary Kalicharan’s ancestral land under the leadership of his nephews Monir and Akram. He also seized the land of his party members, including many minorities in Chamiyadi, Kanthali Barchala, and Hajir Bazar. There are hundreds of allegations that they are basically Golam Mostafa’s own forces and are roaming around doing antisocial activities.

Savar: Hindu minor girl abducted by Love Jihadi, rescued later by Hindu activists

Hindu minor girl rescued after being abducted by Love Jihadists. It is known that on November 27, the victim Hindu minor was abducted by local Love Jihadist Mohammad Jahangir Rahman alias Ullas. The abducted girl (15) was finally rescued with the help of Savar police and several local Hindu activists.

The victim is a Hindu minor girl (15). She is the daughter of the Karmakar couple from the Battola area of ​​Savar. From the copy of the FIR filed by Mrs Karmakar, it is known that for quite some time local Love Jihadist Mohammad Jahangir Rahman was giving various kinds of nasty proposals to her daughter. Her daughter was abducted on her way to Sri Sri Jagat Bandhu Mandir on the 27th as she did not agree to Mohammad Jahangir’s nasty proposal.

The local police and local Hindu activists immediately started searching after learning about the abduction incident. With the help of Hindu activists Neetu Kundu, Manik Halder, Johnny, Deepu, etc., the police managed to rescue the abducted Hindu minor girl. The main accused Love Jihadi Mohammad Jahangir is currently absconding. The local police are already looking for him.

Dhaka: Hindu family emigrates to escape from Islamist attacks

The family of Pintu Lal Das, a minority Hindu, has been forced to leave their residential address in the face of direct and indirect threats and attacks for the past 7 years. It is believed that they were forced to take refuge in India. The family of Pintu Lal Das has reportedly been subjected to hate attacks by Islamists several times.

This intense violence towards Pintu Lal Das started in 2013 when Islamists started attacking free-thinking bloggers in Bangladesh. At that time, Pintu Lal Das protested against this attack by writing against it. As a result, he became a target for the Islamists. On August 5, 2016, Pintu Lal Das was attacked by a maulabi on his way back to his residence from Dhakeshwari Temple. A few days later, on August 10, a masked man tried to enter Pintu Das’s house through the roof of a neighbouring house to attack. At that time Pintu Das’ wife screamed, and the assailant fled as the neighbours came.

Pintu Das’s son was also not spared from this hate attack. This little boy, a student in class 2, was constantly subjected to verbal bullying by fellow Muslim students. Kush Kaushik Das, son of Pintu Das, was not accepted by his Muslim classmates as he was a Hindu. Kaushik’s religious identity was often ridiculed by them.

Manikganj: 200-year-old Hindu temple vandalized

A 200-year-old Hindu temple in central Bangladesh’s Chandair area of ​​Garhpara Union in Manikganj District has been vandalized by unknown miscreants. According to a report dated 20th November from the local police station’s officer-in-charge Abdur Rouf, the information was confirmed.

The report claims that Maa Kali & Padma vigrahas from the temple were discovered in desecrated condition alongside the road. On the other side, just four days prior, a theft took place in the Radha Krishna temple at the home of Jitendranath Mandal in the same hamlet. Because of this, the local Hindus are afraid.

Rangpur: Hindu boy forced to convert to Islam, family threatened to be killed

A Hindu boy from the Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur district was forcibly converted to Islam. A lot of tension was created in the local area based on this incident.

It is known that the name of the victim is Ripon Chandra (17). His father is Sedu Ram Chandra, and his mother is Champa Rani. Ripon’s family is a resident of Choran village in Mithapukur police station. Sadia Afrin (17) has been proposing love to Shri Ripon Chandra for a long time. Sadia’s father’s name is Anwarul Haque Bakul, and her mother’s name is Mostahinur Khatun. Sadia’s family is a resident of Keshabpur village in Mithapukur police station.

Recently, Ripon was caught on the street, and Sadia struggled to pressurize him to accept her love proposal. Sadia and her accomplices then took Ripon and his father to an unknown place, kept them for three (3) days, and pressured Ripon to convert to Islam. If he does not marry Sadia and convert to Islam, Sadia’s family threatened to kill his parents, brothers, and sisters and burn his house.

Dhaka: Bharatiya Hindu student blackmailed by Muslim doctor for marriage

A Hindu student who went to study in Bangladesh from India was saved by Hindu activists from a Bangladeshi Muslim doctor’s trap. This sensational incident happened in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The victim’s name is Riya Pandey, a Bharatiya student. Three years ago, Riya went to Bangladesh National Medical to study.

Riya has been in Bangladesh for studies for the last three years. A Muslim doctor from the same institution targeted her. Riya recently went on a tour of her institution. The accused doctor was also present there. At one point he took some pictures standing side by side with Riya. Riya also did not disagree as a friend. But still, Riya did not understand what the accused doctor had planned for her. After some time, the accused Muslim doctor started to force her to marry him.

Gaibandha: Police Hesitant to Act After Elderly Hindu Poet Saroj Deb Attacked

Hindu poet Saroj Deb, aged 74, was assaulted by Sazzad Hossain and his gang in his residence in the Gaibandha district of Bangladesh, as reported by NTV. The assailants stormed the poet’s house with arms around 9:30 am on December 2 and searched for his son Shuvomoy Deb Joy, verbally abusing him throughout. Saroj Deb was beaten when he protested, and his daughter-in-law was also attacked when she came to his rescue. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged against the assailants at the nearby police station.

Saroj Deb informed The Daily Star Bangla, a Bangladeshi daily paper, that Sazzad had thrown him to the floor and disregarded his requests to stop hitting him. He continued by saying that Sazzad had then attempted to strike him on the head with an iron rod, but Deb was able to stop it with his hand and was injured in the process. He further revealed that, after getting medical attention, he went to the police station in the afternoon, yet the police were reluctant to take the case. However, they were eventually compelled to do so due to pressure from higher authorities.

Kurigram: Several days passed since the abduction, silent police

Even after 2 months have passed since the abduction, the abducted Hindu minority, Bablu Chandra Shil, has not been rescued. The abducted Bablu Chandra Sheel (35) is the son of Gopal Chandra Shil of Boyailbhir village of Bhangamore Union in Phulbari Upazila of Kurigram District, Bangladesh. After the kidnapping, Bablu’s wife, Swapna Rani Shil, filed a case on November 25.

On the night of November 17, Bablu Chandra Shil was beaten and kidnapped from the salon shop in the local Newashi market. After some time, a kidnapper named Bachchu Talukdar called Bablu’s brother Krishna Chandra Shil and informed him that Bablu had been arrested by the Detective Branch police. To free him, they have to pay 50 thousand Takas.

Bangladesh: Activists report abduction and murder of two minor Hindu girls

Human rights activists have reported that a Hindu girl, Lavanya Rajbanshi (20) was abducted and murdered in Munshiganj district, Bangladesh. She was reportedly abducted on December 21 by Saju Mia (25) and his accomplices Iftekhar Hossain (35), Chan Mia (50), Raju Mia and Seema Akter (40). The group allegedly forced her to convert to Islam, and married her to Saju Mia, before her murder three days later. The case has been reported by Twitter users Voice Of Bangladeshi Hindus and Pandit Pradip Chandra.

Barguna: Muslim man beats up Hindu women over land dispute

In the Barguna district of Bangladesh, a local Muslim land robber named Harun Daqua beat up and seriously injured three members of a minority Hindu family, including women, over a land dispute.

On December 28, Swapan Biswas’ wife, Seema Rani Biswas, filed a written complaint at the Amtali police station accusing Harun Daqua, son of Maqbool Daqua, and Ali Azgar Haoladar, son of Sher Ali Howladar, of being plaintiffs in this incident. According to the complaint, three members of a minority Hindu family, including a woman, were beaten and seriously injured by Harun Daqua (40), son of Maqbul Daqua, and Ali Azgar Howladar (50), son of Sher Ali Howladar, of Ward No. 6 of Haldia Union of Barguna Amtali Upazila, due to a previous land dispute.



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