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Sunamganj: Hindu family ostracized by panchayat for not selling land

Nine Hindu families have been evicted for not following the decision of the Panchayat of Jamalganj in the Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. These Hindu families are left homeless due to persecution by the local panchayat. The victimised Hindu families approached the law, but the police did not help. As a result, the victim, Bharat Chandra Talukdar, and his relatives are currently homeless. It is alleged that the family of Bharat Chandra Talukdar has been ostracised for not selling the land to the local panchayat.

The family of the victim, Bharat Chandra Talukdar, alleged that the local panchayat was repeatedly pressuring their family to sell the land. The victim’s family, Bharat’s did not want to sell their family land to the panchayat. As a result, the local panchayat kept them in solitary confinement at the society.


Bharat Chandra Talukdar’s elder brother said, “If anyone in the village associates with our family members, they are punished.” We have been displaced and are sheltering elsewhere. The police have said that they will not be able to take the case before December 2. In such a situation, we are living in insecurity as well as being homeless.

Hindu persecution in Bangladesh. 

Hindus are being persecuted regularly in Bangladesh in different ways. Previously in this Sunamganj district, Hindu activist Jhuman Das was arrested by police in Bangladesh for allegedly insulting Islam. A team of police arrested Jhumon Das from his house in Noagaon around 11:30 a.m. on August 30 and took him to the Sullah police station in Sunamganj district. Jhumon Das Apan was taken to the police station for allegedly posting Islam-insulting posts on Facebook.



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