Sriti o Chetona


An introspection on the Plight of the Bengali Hindu

Sriti O Chetona is dedicated to Bengali Hindus and their homeland Bengal(East and West), a part of it is currently an Islamic state known as Bangladesh and the remaining part is on the verge of becoming a part of greater Bangladesh. Our mission is to raise awareness about Bengali history, culture and heritage and take necessary actions to preserve and protect our heritage. We at SoC have been addressing the issues of minority Hindus in Bangladesh and the apparent majority Hindus in West Bengal. Minority or majority, they are doomed to suffer the same fate! The once blooming land of East Bengal, which was a safe haven for people of all communities, the pride of Bengalis and muse to innumerable poets has now become a prison for the Bengali Hindu. After the land was separated from India during the formation of Pakistan, the state sponsored genocide and Islamic terrorism has been driving out the Hindus and seizing their land, property and right to live as human beings. Bangladesh, which was freed from the terrorist Pakistani regime in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, by India, was supposed to follow secular humanitarian principles. But unfortunately, the Islamic extremists, minions of the fascist Pakistani regime, are still as much active in Bangladesh as before. The Bengali Hindus living in Bangladesh have two basic choices, either sell everything they own for a song and leave their homeland forever or live as third class citizens and be ready to lose all they own, become homeless and be killed eventually in the radical Islamic wasteland that is now called Bangladesh. While the Hindus of West Bengal choose their oppressors by means of vote! No matter whoever is in power, the Hindus of West Bengal are dominated by radical Islam. In the bordering areas of WB, the Hindus live life perilously, riots take place at any time and the fishloving peaceloving majority community resorts to fleeing, just like they did from East Bengal. We are the same people after all, Chingri and Ilish didn’t make us any different from one another! Our intention is not to spread hate. We have nothing against any religion or their practitioners. Our sole aim is to let the world know of the atrocities committed on us by radical Islamic forces and to come up with ideas on how to deal with it in the best possible way. We focus on humanitarianism and not on religious or political extremism of any form. Sriti O Chetona is being administered jointly from India, Bangladesh and the USA. You can also contribute to the page. We are concentrating on Hindu heritage and genocide.