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Manikganj: 200-year-old Hindu temple vandalized

A 200-year-old Hindu temple in central Bangladesh’s Chandair area of ​​Garhpara Union in Manikganj District has been vandalized by unknown miscreants. According to a report dated 20th November from the local police station’s officer-in-charge Abdur Rouf, the information was confirmed.

Vandalized Temple.

The report claims that Maa Kali & Padma vigrahas from the temple were discovered in desecrated condition along side the road. On the other side, just four days prior, a theft took place in the Radha Krishna temple at the home of Jitendranath Mandal in the same hamlet. Because of this, the local Hindus are afraid.

We visited the location, the local police station’s officer in charge remarked. There are plans in place to pursue a lawsuit regarding this occurrence.

Awamileague Cadres Beating Hindu Professor Ratan Kumar.

Previously in the Manikganj district, a Hindu professor was beaten up by Awami League cadres shouting the Joy Bangla slogan. It was known that this incident happened on 13th August at a college in the Manikganj district. The injured Hindu professor was later taken to the hospital for treatment. After this incident, there was anger among the general students and the local Hindu community.



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