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Rangpur: Hindu boy forced to convert to Islam, family threatened to be killed

A Hindu boy from the Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur district was forcibly converted to Islam. A lot of tension was created in the local area based on this incident. 

Rangpur Court.

It is known that the name of the victim is Ripon Chandra (17). His father is Sedu Ram Chandra, and his mother is Champa Rani. Ripon’s family is a resident of Choran village in Mithapukur police station. Sadia Afrin (17) has been proposing love to Shri Ripon Chandra for a long time. Sadia’s father’s name is Anwarul Haque Bakul, and her mother’s name is Mostahinur Khatun. Sadia’s family is a resident of Keshabpur village in Mithapukur police station.

Recently, Ripon was caught on the street, and Sadia struggled to pressurize him to accept her love proposal. Sadia and her accomplices then took Ripon and his father to an unknown place, kept them for three (3) days, and pressured Ripon to convert to Islam. If he does not marry Sadia and convert to Islam, Sadia’s family threatened to kill his parents, brothers, and sisters and burn his house. 

Sadia’s family then tried to orchestrate a sequence of events to forcibly convert Ripon to Islam. Saying that Sadia would convert to Hinduism, the girl’s family brought the victim, Ripon, to the Rangpur court in a microbus. Once there, Sadia and her family forcefully pressured Ripon to convert to Islam and forced him to sign six copies of an affidavit on blank papers to convert him to Islam.

Victim Hindu Boy Ripon Chandra.

In this incident, which occured on Monday, 5th December, 2022, Ripon himself said in front of the people of the court area, “People from the girl’s family forcibly brought me and forcibly forced me to convert.”

When people present contacted Ripon’s family over the phone, Ripon’s brother said, “We have not been able to find Ripon for the last three days. As we are very poor, we cannot afford to do anything. If we go to say something about this, they stop us by threatening us. So we cannot take any legal action. Save my brother if you can.”

Arrested Juveniles on 2nd September.

Previously in Rangpur, 6 juvenile delinquents were arrested for vandalizing the vigraha of the Shiva temple in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh. The arrest took place in the Shiv Mandir area of ​​Ward No. 6 of Burir Hat Chabbish Hazari area of ​​Rangpur Sadar Upazila on 2nd September.



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