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Khulna: Local miscreants destroyed Hindu farmer’s fruit trees

In Khulna, Bangladesh, local miscreants destroyed all the fruit trees of a Hindu farmer due to a land dispute. It is known that local miscreants had cut down all the fruit trees of farmer Subrata Bhattacharya’s garden due to a land dispute in Paikgaccha, Khulna. In this incident, the victim Subrata has already filed a complaint with the police station.

Paikgaccha, Khulna.

Victim Subrata Bhattacharya said, “We have banana and papaya trees on 3 and a half bigha land. We have had disputes with Ali Azgar Moral (38), Hashem Moral (40), Sirajul Islam (42), son of Sobahan Moral of Katipara village, and Khalek Ghazi (55), son of Afsar Ghazi, for a long time regarding this land. On Friday morning (August 12) they entered my garden and cut down approximately 250 papaya trees and 50 banana trees. I have lost about 80,000 takas.”

The victim Subrata filed a case in the name of Ali Azgar Moral (38), Hashem Moral (40), Sirajul Islam (42), and Khalek Gazi (55), of Katipara village at the local police station. So far, the local police have not arrested any of the accused in this incident.

Earlier on April 25, Muslim miscreants destroyed a Hindu farmer’s harvest worth 3 lakh, in Koira Upazilla of Khulna. In the darkness of the night, all the watermelons in the field were destroyed by the local Muslim miscreants.



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