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Manikganj: Hindu professor beaten up by Awami League cadres shouting Joy Bangla slogan

A Hindu professor was assaulted and beaten again in Bangladesh. It is known that this incident happened yesterday at a college in the Manikganj district. The injured Hindu professor is currently undergoing treatment. After this incident, there is anger among the general students and the local Hindu community.


Ratan Kumar is a professor of Accountancy in the Government Nurul Islam college of Manikganj District. According to the report of Mohana TV, in the presence of the police, the leaders and workers of the ruling party Awami League entered the college with the slogan “Joy Bangla”. At one point, a few Awami League cadres dragged Hindu professor Ratan Kumar outside the college while beating him. After that, other Awami League cadres started beating Ratan Kumar in front of the police.

Awami League cadres assaulting Hindu professor Ratan Kumar.

It is known that the attackers on Hindu Professor Ratan Kumar are all Awami cadres of the Upazila chairman and Awami League leader Md Dewan Saidur Rahman. Also, the inaction of the local police administration in the video of the attack points to the tacit support of the ruling Awami League and the police. A video of the attack was also released by Mohana TV but was later removed for unknown reasons. As a result, it is believed that Mohana TV was forced to delete it under the pressure of the ruling party Awami League.

Awami League cadres assaulting Hindu professor Ratan Kumar.

Earlier a Hindu college principal and a Hindu student were beaten and forced to wear shoe garlands in Bangladesh over the Prophet Mohammad issue of India. According to the local sources, Rahul, a Hindu student of Mirzapur Degree College in Bichali Union of Narail Sadar Upazila, posted his status on Facebook with Nupur Sharma’s photo on June 18. This enraged the Muslim crowd in the college and the local area. Due to this incident, they turned the local area into a battlefield. Police were silent spectators at the scene at the time. Local Police later arrested college principal Swapan Kumar Biswas and student Rahul.



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