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Tangail: Islamists coerce Hindus to sell cultivable lands by digging up soil from adjacent lands

The soil traders in Tangail, Bangladesh is becoming too reckless day by day. Recently, in the name of building a road for truck traffic in Basail, soil has been removed indiscriminately from cultivable land. Around one km along the side of Nakachim bridge on Tangail-Nalua road of Basail upazila, destroying the crops of other people’s land. A 50-60 feet wide road has been made by putting soil over the crops for running trucks through the road.

Repeated protests on this matter was of no avail. No proper action has been taken by the administration. Even if nominal money is given to the farmers, no one dares to speak about their problems under the pressure of the influential. Several victims have complained that if someone tries to speak, they are threatening to kill them with physical torture. Basil Upazila Executive Officer Papia Akhtar said that they have not received any complaint in this regard. Legal action will be taken if complaints are received.

The attacks on several Hindu occupied lands in Bangladesh were carried out under a well orchestrated plan aimed at grabbing lands of the minority community. Jharna Rani Das, a resident of the affected Nakachim village, said,’ we are being suffered miseries by the land goons. They don’t want to live us peacefully in this country. If we were allowed to stay, then they would have taken our land by force. We want to save our life. Please, Send us to India.”

A local resident said that Badal and his associates have been digging and selling cultivable land from this locality for a month. Victims do not dare to protest due to fear of soil traders. Badal’s brother Kashil is the current chairman of the union. Because of this Badal has become more reckless. At First, the lands in Nakachim area were bought at a low price. After that, Badal and his people started selling those selected lands. Digging the lands deeply resulting the adjacent lands started collapsing. After that, the victims were forced to sell the lands at half the market price. Some people are not selling the lands, but the gang is forcibly digging the land and selling it.

Local resident Khushi Mohan said that, 75 decimal of his arable land has been dug and sold. He protested about this. But to no avail. The soil traders said that he will be given land in another area later. But till now no land has been given to him. Neduram, residant of the area said that he had 88 decimal of the land. He was forced to sell the land at half the market price due to the digging of land. Now he has no land to cultivate. Although repeated calls were made to Badal Mia on the mobile phone, he did not pick up. However, Deputy Commissioner Jasim Uddin Haider admitted the fact of and advised the victims to speak up and file a case.In the case of the Anti-Hindu operations in Bangladesh, the Bangladeshi authorities have been unsuccessful in curbing the attacks on Hindus by Islamists in the country.



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