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Dhaka: Targeting Hindus using false blasphemy continues, Hindu policeman arrested

A Hindu policeman has been accused of false blasphemy in Bangladesh. It is known that Police Constable Pritam Mandal has been arrested by Dhaka District Detective Police on the charge of insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammad. The Islamists of Nawabganj tried to create a heated situation in the local area over the issue.

Nawabganj, Dhaka.

According to the police, the accused Hindu police constable, Pritam Mandal, made comments insulting Islam and the Prophet Mohammad on Facebook. Dhaka District Detective Police arrested him from a house in Dhaka on Friday morning (September 16) in an overnight raid. A team of Dhaka South Intelligence Police, led by Dhaka District Intelligence Police Additional Superintendent Mobashshira Habib Khan, arrested Pritam from a house in Dhaka on Friday morning after carrying out a raid on Thursday night.

Victim Hindu Policeman Pritam Mandal.

Mobashshira Habib Khan confirmed the matter and said that, under the orders of Dhaka District Superintendent of Police Mohammad Asaduzzaman, the detective police started working to arrest Pritam. He further said that Pritam was arrested on Friday morning after an all-night search on Thursday. After his arrest, he was handed over to Nawabganj police station. The police officer said that the accused was sent to court after applying for a seven-day remand.

Meanwhile, this ASP of DB also said that policeman Pritam Mondal has been temporarily suspended for allegedly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. It is known that the accused Hindu policeman, Pritam Mandal, is a resident of Sholla village in Nawabganj Upazila. Recently, local Islamists accused him of insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad on Facebook. As this rumour spread in the local area, the local Islamists got intrigued.

Nawabganj Upazila Administration’s statement.

In addition to Pritam Mandal, a case has been filed under criminal law against Alok Sarkar Karthik in this incident. Meanwhile, local Islamists arranged protests at various places in Nawabganj today to protest against the alleged taunts about Islam and Prophet Mohammad. As a result, there is a fear of Islamist attacks on local Hindus based on this issue.

This is not the first incident of false blasphemy. The targeting of Hindus on charges of blasphemy is not new in Bangladesh. Earlier, there were incidents of harassing Hindu professionals by making false allegations against them in different parts of Bangladesh. Previously in Barisal, Hindu teacher Kakali Rani was accused of false blasphemy by local Islamists. In Chandpur, Bangladesh, a Hindu teacher was accused of insulting Islam for not saying Bismillah. The accused Hindu teacher is the headmaster of Balshid Haji Akub Ali High School in Shahrasti Upazila in Chandpur. On September 5, Hindu teacher Akhil Chandra Debnath left the school campus in the face of strong protests. In August, a Hindu professor was assaulted and beaten by Awami League cadres shouting the “Joy Bangla” slogan in the Manikganj district of Bangladesh. In July, a Hindu teacher was fired for scolding a Muslim student. Local Islamists spread this as an insult to Islam. In Noakhali, a Hindu teacher was sentenced to 8 years in prison for allegedly insulting Islam.



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