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Sunamganj: Hindu fisherman tied to a tree and beaten by local miscreants

A Hindu fisherman was tied to a tree and beaten in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The victim Hindu man was seriously injured in this incident. It is known that this incident happened in Dharmapasha Upazila of Sunamganj district of Sylhet.

Dharmapasha, Sunamganj.

The victim Tapan Das is a resident of Bhandarbari village in Sukhaide of Dharmapasha Upazila of Sunamganj district. He is a fisherman by profession. Locals complained that the fishing net of Tapan Das was stolen by Md. Babul Mia’s people. The accused Babul Mia is a resident of Quichhati. On hearing the news, Tapan Das went to inquire about the matter.

Victim Hindu Tapan Das.

After going there, a group of attackers led by Babul Mia tied Tapan Das to a tree. After that, he was subjected to inhuman torture. The victim Tapan Das is currently undergoing treatment. Police have not arrested anyone in this incident so far. Earlier on July 29, a Hindu teacher jumped from a moving auto to save her honour in Habiganj district of Sylhet. Later she died of injuries.



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