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Khulna: Kali temple vandalized for requesting to stop play during worship

Two idols were vandalized in a Kali temple late at night in Mongla of Khulna, Bangladesh. This incident took place at the Kanai Nagar Sarvajanin temple in the Kainmari area of ​​the Chandpai union of the Upazila on Sunday. The local police arrested three local Muslim youths involved in the incident. Earlier, a Hindu journalist was beaten and was forced to put on a shoe garland on June 24 in Khulna’s Satkhira district. The victim was identified as Debasish Kumar.

Kainmari, Khulna.

Locals said that there was a ruckus in front of the temple on Saturday because of the football game. The temple committee people forbade local youths from playing football in the front yard of the temple during worship. The local youths became angry. They abused and threatened the members of the temple committee with profanity. After that, the Kali temple’s idols of Mother Kali and Lord Shiva were found broken last night.

Broken Idol.

The three arrested Muslim youths are – Md. Rahat Chowdhury (20), Md. Nayan Munshi (24) and Md. Asif Khan (22). They all are residents of the same area. Asif Iqbal, Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police, Mangla-Rampal Circle, said, “On receiving the information, the spot was visited early in the morning. Police have been deployed in the temple area.”



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