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Khulna: Hindu journalist beaten and forced to wear shoe garland for supporting Nupur Sharma

Assaults on the Hindu community and harassment of Hindus in various ways in various parts of Bangladesh continue over the Prophet Mohammad issue in India. Following this, a Hindu journalist was beaten and was forced to put on a shoe garland on June 24 in Khulna’s Satkhira district. The victim was identified as Debasish Kumar. The incident had spread fear among the local Hindu community.

Hindu journalist Debasish Kumar.

According to local sources, there has been tension among local Islamists for some time over the issue of the Prophet Mohammad in India. The Hindu victim Debasish Kumar posted a post on Facebook in support of Nupur Sharma. Due to this the local Islamists of Shyamnagar became enraged. On June 24, Debashish Kumar was severely beaten by local Islamists in Shyamnagar Bazaar, falsely accusing him of insulting Prophet Mohammad.

After the beating, Debasish Kumar was forced to wear a shoe garland. He was then forcibly asked to apologize and his video was recorded and shared on social media by the local Islamists. The Hindu victim Debashish Kumar is a special correspondent for a local newspaper. At the same time, he is the chief coordinator of a Sanatani service organization called Sanatani Seva Sangha. Local Police and political leaders of the ruling party are playing a completely passive role in this incident. Police have not yet arrested anyone in the incident.



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