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Dinajpur: Hindu women raped and killed in front of daughter, none arrested

The attacks on the Hindu community in Bangladesh are not stopping. Various types of violence against the Hindu community are happening. A long-standing culture of silence for targeted violence against Hindus is the root cause of this violence against the Hindu community. In the continuation of that, this time in Bangladesh, a Hindu woman who was a mother of two children, was brutally raped and killed by unknown miscreants. Meanwhile, the victim’s 10-year-old daughter Bipasha is still in shock to see her mother being raped in front of her eyes.

Apo Rani Roy was going from her father Mathura Chandra Roy’s house to her husband Mission Chandra Roy’s house in Tangua Kumar Para of Bherbheri Union on Friday evening, July 29. On the way she disappeared. After some time, passers-by found the body of Apu Rani Roy, the mother of two daughters, lying naked next to the paddy field. Locals rescued her 10-year-old daughter Bipasha Rani Roy in an unconscious state next to the body. Bipasha had explained how the incident happened when she and her mother Apo Rani Roy were on the way.

Local Hindus Protesting.

Police have not arrested anyone since the incident. As a result, the local Hindus are fuming with anger. Because of this, the local Hindus protested on August 2, demanding justice for the rape and murder of Apo Rani Roy. Earlier, a six-month-pregnant Hindu woman was gang-raped and killed by local miscreants in the Faridpur district of Bangladesh. The deceased Hindu woman Nupur Saha was an employee of a local NGO. She has another two-year-old child. Police recovered her naked body from a jute field on the morning of June 14.



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