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Radha Gobindo Mandir


Radha Gobindo Mandir is an old temple located in Bishnupur, WB. Built in 1729 by Mallabhum dynasty king Krishna Singha, this temple is another architectural marvels in the temple town of Bishnupur. 
This mandir is dedicated to Lord Krishna(Gobindo) and his love Radha(according to Vaishnava tradition). It is a single dome or Ekaratna temple, built of laterite. The mandir consists of a square lower storey in the thatched-hut or chala style of Bengal Temple architecture. The facade of the temple is profusely carved. The decorative motifs include floral patterns, puranic scenes, and many geometrical depictions.
Currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India, the temple is surrounded by a small garden which makes the temple more beautiful and also attracts many tourists to this place. One can also see a beautiful stone chariot and a man-made ancient pond with stone walls and steps in the temple compound. 

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