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Chittagong: Islamist chants Islamic slogans, Hindus reply Jai Sri Ram

Chandranath hill is located in Sitakunda, Bangladesh, a beautiful natural landscape and a very important pilgrimage site for Hindus. Chandranath hill is located 4 kilometers east of Sitakunda Bazar in Chittagong. To the east of Sitakunda is the Chandranath hill and to the west is the vast sea.

Image Credit: Sanatan TV

A king of Nepal was enlightened by a prophecy to build five Shiva temples in five corners of the world. These are Pashupatinath of Nepal, Vishwanath of Kashi, Bhutnath of Pakistan, Adinath of Maheshkhali, and Chandranath of Sitakunda.

Image Credit: Sanatan TV.

According to the ancient Hindu scriptures and history, Mahamuni Bhargava lived here in ancient times. Lord Ramachandra, the son of King Dasaratha of Ayodhya, came here during his exile. Mahamuni Bhargava, knowing that they would come, created three pools for them to use, and during Lord Ramachandra’s journey here, his wife Ma Sita used these pools. This is why this place is named Sitakunda.


But recently the arrival of Islamists in this pilgrimage site of Hindus is increasing and their outrage is also increasing. Recently, one such video went viral, showing local Islamists posing as tourists and chanting radical Islamic slogans at the Sitakunda temple. In the video, several Islamists are seen chanting “Naara E Takbeer Allahu Akbar, Light of Al-Quran from house to house, Light of Al-Hadith from house to house”.

Image Credit: Sanatan TV.

The local Hindus of Chittagong got angry with the reaction of this radical activity of the Islamists. In response to this Islamist activity, local Hindu youths occupied the Sitakunda temple area and chanted “Jai Sri Ram, Har Har Mahadev”. Besides criticizing the Chandranath hill temple committee, local Hindus have also demanded a ban on entry of all non-Hindus into the Chandranath hill area.

Image Credit: Sanatan TV.

At the same time, the local Hindus have demanded to stop the radical activities of the Islamists in the name of tourism at this pilgrimage site. Local Hindus have also warned that a repeat of the same incident in the future is likely to lead to adverse reactions.

Prevoiusly, a Hindu businessman was killed by slitting his throat in Chittagong, Bangladesh. This incident spread fear among the local Hindu community. It was known that the deceased Hindu man was a gold trader by profession.



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