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Munshiganj: Hindu crematorium attacked by local Islamists

People of the local Islamist community broke the wall of an under-construction Hindu crematorium in Munshiganj’s Srinagar of Bangladesh. Local Islamists have also held marches and gatherings to demand that the construction of the crematorium be stopped.

It is known that about 4000 people of the Hindu community live in the Baghra area. As there was no Hindu crematorium in the area for the Hindu community, the country’s government leased land for the Hindu crematorium in 2021. But since the construction of the Hindu crematorium started, the people of the local Islamist community have been continuously opposing it.

According to the report by Ekattor TV, the local Islamist community is strongly opposed to the construction of this Hindu crematorium. According to them, there are mosques and madrasas around. So crematorium cannot be built here. Following this, on August 27, the local Islamist community demolished the under-construction wall of the Hindu crematorium. After this incident, the local administration stopped the work and formed an investigation committee.

According to the local Hindu community, the local Islamist community attacked the crematorium by bringing people from the local Madrassa and outsiders. Since this incident, the people of the local Hindu community are in fear and anger.

Arrested Juvenile Attackers of Rangpur.

Previously, 6 juvenile delinquents had been arrested for vandalizing the idol of the Shiva temple in the Rangpur district of Bangladesh. The arrest took place in the Shiv Mandir area of ​​Ward No. 6 of Burir Hat Chabbis Hazari area of ​​Rangpur Sadar Upazila.



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