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Madan Mohan Mandir


Another excellent terracotta exhibit in the temple town of Bishnupur. The Madan Mohan Mandir was built in 1694 CE by the Mallabhum king Durjan Singha for the Mallabhum dynasty deity Radha & Krishna. This is a single dome or eka-ratna temple with a square roof, curved cornices and a pinnacle over the top. 

Unlike many other ancient temples of Bishnupur, this temple is well maintained. 

As per the visitors, the rich decorations and designs of the Madan Mohan Mandir surpass the decorations of the relatively older Shyam Rai and Keshta Rai temples. There are detailed scenes from the Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata and even the Puranas carved on the terracotta walls. 

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