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Madan Gopal Mandir

The Madan Gopal Mandir was built in 1665 by Siromani, the wife of Mallabhum king Bir Singha Dev (1656-1682). 

This is one of the few ancient temples which is a live temple. Pujas and religious rituals/ceremonies are arranged every day with devotees, both local and tourists, visiting by the hundreds. The presiding deities are Mahaprabhu and Lord Jagannath. They’re considered one and the same, Mahaprabhu being the human manifestation (avatar) of Lord Jagannath. 

The Madan Gopal Mandir lies bang opposite to another temple, the Mrinmoyee Mandir. A small arched doorway leads to the inside of this temple. 

This compound has another laterite temple, with a modern rashmancha. It is a Radha-Krishna mandir with Madan-Gopal in the background. 

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