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Lalji Mandir Bishnupur


Another 400+ years old terracotta temple in the terracotta town of Bishnupur. 
Lalji Mandir was built in Malla King Bir Singha Dev (1656-1682) in 1658. It has a shikhara and is based on elevated platform. This is a Vaishnava temple dedicated to Radha-Krishna. A dancing hall is located in front of the temple. To the west lies a tower dedicated to Raghunath(Lord Sri Rama). The outer yard of the mandir is separated from the inner yard by a wall, and on the outer yard is a small Pancha-ratna temple dedicated to Kameswar Siva. The Lalji mandir is 
The temple is fenced by a wall with a gateway towards the east. 
There are two chariots, one for Lord Lalji and the other from lord Raghunath. 
The chariots are taken out in procession during Dusshera. 

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