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Local miscreants destroyed Hindu crematorium in Bangladesh, silent Police

The incidence of persecution of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh seems to be on the rise. Once again in Bangladesh, local miscreants had vandalized the crematorium of the Hindu community in the dark of night. The incident took place at midnight on June 4 in Tiakata / Khalekarkandi of Kuliarchar Upazila of Kishoreganj district in Bangladesh.

According to local Hindu sources, the crematorium is at least a few hundred years old. The local Hindu community has been using this crematorium for ages. Recently, this Hindu crematorium came to the notice of local land grabbers. According to the local Hindu community, this crematorium was demolished for the purpose of occupying the crematorium’s land.

Local Hindus further said that in the darkness of the night, the miscreants’ group attacked the crematorium. During this time, the attackers had vandalized various establishments and Mathas of the crematorium. The next morning the local Hindus came to the crematorium and saw that the whole crematorium had been completely demolished.

According to the latest news, the police have not yet arrested anyone involved in the incident. Thereupon this experience, the local Hindus are now fearing a furthermore attack on their homes and businesses.



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