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A Jain deul at Harmasra. 

Harmasra is a gram panchayat under Taldangra intermediate panchayat, in Khatra subdivision of Bankura district, West Bengal.

Jain temple made up of bricks with a shikhara. The temple has an image of Parshavanatha along with small images of other tirthankars.

An old and abandoned Lakshmi-Janardan temple at Harmasra.

David J. McCutchion mentions the Lakshmi Janardana temple as a small flat roofed or chandni-type temple built in the 19th century having a base of 20’6” x 11’2”, with terracotta decoration. 


McCutchion also describes the large square rasmancha as being like a pancha-ratna, with both or either upper and lower cornices curved. He describes the square rasmancha of the Ray family as having temple-type nava-ratna turrets. Built in the 19th century with laterite and brick, and having a base of 14’ square, it has terracotta decorations and plaster work.

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