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Chittagong: Shri Krishna temple looted and vandalized, Communist leader led the attack

The fury of the Bangladeshi Islamists’ terrible organized sectarian attacks on the Hindu community in Narail, has not yet subsided. A frightening situation still prevails among the Hindu communities living in different parts of Bangladesh. In the meantime, there has been an attack and vandalism on Sri Krishna Temple in the Chandraghona Mission area of ​​Rangunia Upazila of Chittagong. There is fear and anger in the local Hindu community due to this incident.

According to the source of the victim Hindus, a group of Islamists led by Farid Uddin, the leader of the Communist Party of Chandraghona Mission area of ​​Rangunia Upazila, carried out this attack around 12 noon today. Meanwhile, they broke into the temple house and vandalized the Lord Krishna idol of the temple and threw it in the nearby bushes. The attacker Communist leader Farid Uddin is the elder brother of Union Awami League General Secretary Jalal Uddin Jal.

Local Hindus also said that this temple was being built with the long-term efforts of the Hindus of the Chandraghona Mission area. Communist leader Farid Uddin falsely accused them of land grabbing. Then the local Islamists organized under the leadership of Farid and carried out this attack to seize the temple land.

During this time they vandalized the temple house and Shri Krishna idol and looted the temple cashbox and other items. Also, the local Awami League is indirectly supporting the attack as he is the elder brother of the General Secretary of the Union Awami League. Local Hindus are now in fear of another attack on them.



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