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Barisal: Cyber Jihad continues, Hindu teachers accused of false blasphemy and fired

Islamists continue cyber jihad against the Hindu community in Bangladesh for alleged blasphemy using cyber law. This time, two Hindu teachers of Barisal University have been accused of insulting Islam and hurting religious feelings. The accused are Sanjay Sarkar, assistant professor and chairman of the Bangla department and Unmesh Roy, assistant professor of the same department. Islamist students at the university have accused them of hurting religious feelings and inciting sectarianism. In this regard, on Thursday (June 23), 39 Islamist students submitted a complaint letter to the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Md. Chadekul Arefin.

In the complaint letter, the Islamist students claimed that “on 21-08-22, Sanjay Sarkar, chairman of the Bangla department of Barisal University, and Assistant Professor Unmesh Roy posted an ugly and provocative status on their personal Facebook accounts mocking the basics of Islam. Their heinous act caused intense anger and dissatisfaction among the general students. Which is contrary to our secular consciousness.” At that time, they requested to take action against the two teachers to protect the communal harmony of the university.

The Islamist teachers of the university have also joined the virtual protest. Barisal University Teachers Association President Abdul Kaium also protested in a Facebook post. He said that, “those whose persistent hatred of other religions is preached have bad intentions. They aim to ruin the tranquil atmosphere. They ought to be prosecuted and given a fair trial.”

But in reality, the allegation against teacher Sanjay Sarkar for insulting Islam is completely false. Originally a Facebook post “Please don’t unscientifically light candles for flood victims in Dhaka this time. If possible, send those candles to the victims.” This comment was published on Jahangirnagar University – Admission Test page with a picture of a popular Islamist and teacher Sanjay Sarkar shared the post. He wrote in a caption on Facebook, “Radicalism is being inserted in our veins. Pages are being opened with the name of the university. We will not be able to avoid the responsibility of this one day.”

He did not answer any of the Islamist students’ questions in the comments of the post. He later deleted the post after receiving threats from them. Regarding the allegations, Bangla department teacher Sanjay Sarkar said, “it was not a matter of religious hatred. If anyone says that, it is misunderstood. I have nothing to say if any of the students misunderstand me and say something.

Similarly, Assistant Professor of the Bengali department Unmesh Roy has also been framed on false charges. In fact, it has been seen that the wearing of shirts and jeans by girls has been presented as a reason for harassing girls, in the question papers on Islamic education and moral education in Bangladesh. Teacher Unmesh Roy basically criticised this matter. As a result, it is clear that Islamist teachers and students have lured these two Hindu teachers into cyber jihad by accusing them of false blasphemy.



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