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Virtual lecture on “A psychoanalytic view of Indian partition from a Hindu viewpoint”, organized by Sriti O chetona

All Indians have no shortage of interest in the history of Partition. India is still suffering from the horrors and hellish politics of partition. But the wrong aspects and writing of the history of Partition have long kept Indians in a deep quagmire. Of late, Indians have learned to realize that various historians, influenced by political motivations, had been blatantly biased while writing the history of partition. As a result, Indians are deprived of the true history of partition.

In order to shed light on the true history of partition and its importance from the Indian point of view, Sriti O Chetona has organized a virtual lecture titled “A psychoanalytic view of Indian partition from a Hindu viewpoint” on July 24. Eminent writer and professor Dr Rinita Majumdar will be present as the main speaker in this lecture.

Dr Rinita Mazumder.

Dr Mazumdar is a Professor of Philosophy at the Central New Mexico Community College and an Affiliated Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of New Mexico. Professor Dr Rinita Mazumdar completed her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts in the USA. She did her MA in Philosophy from Brock University in Canada and also from the University of Calcutta in India. She completed her MA in Psychology from Phoenix University in the USA. She is also the writer of several books such as the Feminist Theory, Understanding Gender, Feminine Sexuality, Poison Paddy and a Book of Poems, and Shivas Dream in Albuquerque. The lecture will be held on July 24, 8:00 Pm IST, live on Sriti O Chetona Facebook page. The lecture will be moderated by Smrilekha Chakraborty.



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