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Raghabeshwar Mandir, Nadia


It is located in the ancient village of Dignagat. According to the book ‘Nadia Kahini’ written by renowned researcher Mohit Roy, it was a prosperous village from the period of Krishna Chandra Roy.

In 1673, Roy dug a big dighi and established three temples. It is a place where Lord Chaitanya came and from that time the people of the village observe a 3 days celebration with kirtan at ‘Kalpataru Tala’, where Lord Chaitanya sat for sometime with his followers.

David J. McCutchion in his book “Late Mediaeval Temples of Bengal”(1972, The Asiatic Society) mentions several temples at Dignagar:

Small 18th century Shiva temple with terracotta decoration and richly decorated charchala

This temple, the Raghabeswara temple (1669) – charchala structure with rich terracotta decoration on two sides


Mahaprabhu temple.

Source: Google

Image: Wikimedia Commons 



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