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Nashipur Rajbari


Nashipur Rajbari outer view. 

The Nashipur Rajbari or Palace was built by Raja Kirti Chandra Singha Bahadur in 1865. It lies adjacent to the palace built by Raja Debi Singha. It was also the darbar or court of Raja Debi Singha, he was a tax collector under the British Raj. 

Debi Singha was known for being too strict against those who failed to pay taxes on time. Debi Singha is the founder of the Nashipur Raj Family.

Nashipur Rajbari from the inside.

Portraits of the kings of Nashipur. 

The infamous hang room inside Nashipur Rajbari. 

Image 1: ©Tripadvisor 

Images 2-4: ©Sriti O Chetona

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