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1989 Hindu Pogrom of Bangladesh


The 1989 Bangladesh pogroms were a series of attacks against the Bengali Hindus in October – November, apparently as a reaction to the laying of the foundation of Ram temple adjacent to Demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in India. In the pogroms, thousands of Hindu homes and businesses were destroyed. More than 400 Hindu temples were destroyed. The stone was laid (Bhumi Pujan) on the 9th of November, but the declaration of it was used as an excuse to kill Hindus. 

The very first incident took place on the 6th of September, when a Hindu woman named Brajabala Debnath and her children were brutally murdered by a Muslim mob at the village of Nidarabad under Harashpur Union of Nasirnagar Upazila in Brahmanbaria District.

Then on the 30th October, Hindu shops were looted and set on fire in Chittagong, in spite of a curfew. Hindu men and women were attacked and molested. On the 10th of November, a Muslim mob shouting anti-Hindu slogans took out a procession in Khulna. Hindu temples were attacked and destroyed by the mob. On 11 November, a crazed Muslim mob attacked Hindu shops and temples in Narsingdi. More than 25 Hindu-owned shops were set on fire and murthys in three temples were smashed. The mob was led by Maulana Tajul Islam, who carried firearms and raised anti-Hindu slogans. On 17 November, the Hindu students of Brojomohun College in Barisal were attacked, beaten up and thrown out of the hostel. In Comilla, brick-bats were thrown on Hindu devotees during the Ram Thakur festival. Some of the devotees were seriously injured. On 18 November, a 500 strong Muslim mob hurled stones at Hindu-owned shops in Khulna, injuring 50 people.


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