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The Genocide That Was Never Told


The stories of Jihad – Bangla Hindus and their migration. 

Book by Vinayaka Bhatta Muroor,  Rohith Chakrathirtha, Geervani and Vrushanka Bhat Nivane (Kannada)

Translated by: Praveen Patavardhan and Prashanth Vaidyaraj


The stories of Jihad of Bangla Hindus and their migration. 

This book comes at a time when the debate on CAA rages in the country with those opposing the Amendments to the Citizenship Act have chosen to neglect the sufferings of the persecuted minorities in the three neighboring Islamic countries. This timely work narrates untold stories of persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh.
The authors have met these refugees who are living in Karnataka in person and accounted their stories of persecution, misery and sorrow. Each chapter narrates a gut wrenching story of Hindus who suffered at the hands of Jihadis there. Some of those who tormented them and targeted them were their neighbors, acquaintances for many years and residents of the same locality or village.
Each story narrated by the victim shows the kind of torment they had to endure at the hands of the Jihadis, the loss of lives and property and the conditions under which they had to take a decision to leave their motherland and find refuge in India. The way they suffered through their journey from their hometowns to a refugee camp in India, the
issues they faced here and way they rebuilt their lives has been poignantly explained.
This book is a translation of the Kannada original.

Publisher : Ayodhya Publications ; Pages 96.

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