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Sri Sri Siddheshwari Kali Mandir


The Siddheshwari Kali Mandir is a Hindu temple located at 14 Siddheshwari Lane in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It is unknown when the temple was established. It is said that someone named Chand Rai established this temple.

The Siddheswari temple is situated in a congested area with narrow roads and is always crowded. The centre of Malibug is situated adjacent the temple. In the courtyard of the temple stands a “Roktochondon” tree which is also a symbol of Maa Kali.

Several festivals are organized by the temple authorities. At the time of the Sharodiya festival (Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja and Kali Puja) the devotees offer their Puja in front of the vigraha of the mother goddess. The devotees themselves organize the grand festival of Durga Puja.

Source: Wikipedia & Google



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