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Region & Partition: Bengal, Punjab and the Partition of the Subcontinent

Edited by Ian Talbot and Gurharpal Singh, Oxford Pakistan Paperbacks(OUP Pakistan), 1999.

This book gives a comparative perspective on the two Muslim majority areas of India which were separated in 1947 and were the most affected by the turmoil that followed the divide. It presents insights into both the consequences of creating new boundaries, the millions of ordinary people who get caught up in the massacres and migrations.

The judicious editings of Talbot and Singh has resulted in a collection of essays entirely free of the polemical and ideologically motivated writing so often associated with these sensitive topics. The book is of interest to South Asia specialists, scholars and students alike, and all those who are concerned with ethnic conflict, economic development and the demographic study of migration and refugees. This book makes a valuable contribution to our understanding of the of the subcontinent.



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