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Radha Shyam Mandir


The Radha Shyam Mandir is a Hindu temple built by Mallabhum ruler Chaitanya Singha in 1758. It is located in Bishnupur and is dedicated to Radha and Shyam (Krishna). 
It is based on a square plan and is a single dome or ekaratna temple made of laterite. It is a south facing mandir that occupies a large courtyard. 
The sikhara of this temple is dome shaped, a little different from the other ekaratna temples of Bishnupur. The outer walls have carvings in bas relief (basso-relievo), which are decorated with fine stucco work. The decorative motifs include scenes from the Hindu epics, the puranas along with geometric designs and floral patterns. It is a live temple, meaning regular puja and other rituals are carried out by employed purohits. 
The images from different dilapidated temples of the locality are kept in the sanctum of this mandir. There is also a decorated Tulsi Mancha within the temple complex.



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