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Pics from Bangladesh Genocide Exhibit 18


The 1971 East Pakistan Genocide or Bangladesh Genocide was an ethnic cleansing program or pogrom, launched specifically to wipe out the Hindu population in East Pakistan/East Bengal. This was done so that the remnants of the great Hindu civilization could be wiped out forever. 

This pogrom resulted in the killing of over 2 million Bengali Hindus and rendered more than 10 million homeless, many of whom are still considered refugees in India…

“চিরসুখীজন ভ্রমে কি কখন

ব্যথিতবেদন বুঝিতে পারে।

কী যাতনা বিষে, বুঝিবে সে কিসে

কভূ আশীবিষে দংশেনি যারে ”

– কৃষ্ণচন্দ্র মজুমদার

“Can the forever happy beings

Ever feel their pain? 

One can never know how much the poison burns

If they’ve never been bitten”

– Krishna Chandra Majumdar 



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