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Notun Ihudi (The New Jews) – by Salil Sen

Book: Notun Ihudi

Writer: Salil Sen
Publisher: Asian Printers (May, 1953)

Review: An excellent Novel. Superb Story Telling by Sen.
The Partition of Bengal created refugees by the millions. The untold sufferings of these refugees, their everyday battle had motivated the author to write “Notun Ihudi”.
The Plot: 
Monmohan Bhattacharya, a Sanskrit teacher was released from his job in East Pakistan (today’s Bangladesh) as after the partition Sanskrit got dropped from the curriculum as a subject. 
After selling his house in EP, he came to Kolkata with his wife and three children. They were accompanied by another family from East Pakistan. Their struggle to settle down in West Bengal started from Sealdah station. Their misery, hardship and sufferings have been captured in this novel. 
The novel presents a clear picture of the socio-economic conditions of then Bengal and how the partition had affected common man. 


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