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Mysterious death of Hindu student after marrying Muslim man

A Hindu student has mysteriously died just one month after marrying a person of a different religion in Bangladesh. It is learned that the deceased student Ankan Biswas was a master’s student in the English department of Jagannath University. She graduated with first division. Accused Shakil Ahmed is a former student in the law department of the same university.

Ankan Biswas was a member of the Jagannath University Debating Society and a well-known debater on campus. She also won multiple awards for participating in debate competitions on various television channels, including universities. Due to being a debater, she falls in love with Shakil, the former president of the University Debating Society.

Ankan Biswas

A close friend of the Ankan who did not want to be named said that she wanted to have a family with Shakil, forgetting the religious differences. Ankan also had regular trips to Shakil’s house at Mir Hajirbagh. But a few months ago Shakil got involved with another girl from the university. Although they got married secretly in a notary court, Shakil refused to take Ankan home as she was religiously Hindu.

On the morning of the incident, Ankan went to Shakil’s house. There they started talking. At one stage, Shakil and his younger brother Himel took her to a private hospital in Old Dhaka after she lost consciousness due to poisoning. There, the hospital authorities refused to admit her because Shakil was not giving his correct identity.

Zeba Sajid Mau, a close friend of Ankan shared the details of the incident in a post on social media. Shakil used to torture Ankan Biswas in various ways. Before being admitted to the hospital Shakil gave her lemonade. So it is suspected that the lemonade might be poisoned by Shakil. According to Zeba, Ankan has repeatedly tried to break out of the relationship but failed for Shakil.

Marriage affidavit of victim Ankan Biswas and accused Shakil Ahmed

Mukit Chowdhury Sunny, another friend of the Ankan, said that Shakil called him from the Azgar Ali Hospital on April 24 at around 1.30 pm saying that Ankan was ill. Later he went there and saw Ankan being treated in the emergency ward. Shakil tried to avoid the incident first; He later claimed that Ankan had come to his house after eating something. At one point she became ill.

Sunny said he saw the situation and informed Ankan’s family from there. In the meantime, the doctors said that the victim was suffering from a heart attack and later suffered a stroke due to poisoning. Shakil escaped when Ankan’s relatives went to the hospital.

According to Azgar Ali Hospital sources, Shakil Ahmed admitted Ankan Biswas to the hospital by introducing himself as her husband. Later, her father Tapan Kumar Biswas took her to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital on May 1.

Gendaria Police Station’s Officer-in-Charge Abu Saeed Al Mamun said the matter was reported to the police station from the hospital after the admission of the student. After that no one contacted. Any complaint from the student’s family will be taken into account.

Ankan lived with her parents and brother in the Swamibagh area of ​​old Dhaka. Relatives took her body to Kotalipara in Gopalganj. Ankan’s father Tapan Kumar Biswas told the media that his daughter had left home in a healthy condition that day to go to campus. Then the girl was found unconscious in the hospital. He said that he doesn’t know anyone named Shakil. He didn’t even know about their marriage.

The father said his daughter’s death was not normal, adding that he did not have the financial or physical capacity to run for justice. He has another child and a small job. He wants to stay with it. However, he expressed his gratitude to his classmates for providing financial assistance for his daughter’s treatment.

Meanwhile, after the death of Ankan, her classmates and students of the department have expressed various reactions on social media. They called this death a “premeditated murder” and demanded justice.



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