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Martyred Intellectuals Memorial


Martyred Intellectuals Memorial (বুদ্ধিজীবী স্মৃতি সৌধ) at Rayerbazar, Dhaka. 

This memorial is dedicated to Bengali intellectuals who were killed in the 1971 East Pakistan Genocide. This includes Govinda Chandra Dev (the first Bhasha Shahid of 1971, a Philosophy Professor at DU), Dhirendranath Datta (Lawyer and Politcian), Munier Chowdhury (Litterateur, dramatist, Professor at DU), Mufazzal Haider Chaudhury (Litterateur, Professor at DU), Shahidullah Kaisar (journalist), Nizamuddin Ahmed (Reporter), Selina Parvin (reporter), Altaf Mahmud (lyricist and musician), Sukhranjan Somaddar (Professor of Sanskrit, RU), Mir Abdul Quaiyum (Professor of Psychology, RU), Ranadaprasad Saha (philanthropist), Lt. Col. Moazzem Hossain (ex-soldier), Mamun Mahmood (Police Officer), and many others. 



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