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Letter of Ex. I.G. G.B. Majumdar to Gandhiji, the great Calcutta killing

“On the afternoon of the 16th, I intended to go to a friend’s house. I just stepped out of my house and heard slogans like ‘Nara-e-Takbir–Allah-ho-Akbar”, and immediately thereafter an extremely abominable incident occurred before my eyes. I saw a gang of Muslim hooligans armed with sticks and other weapons. One of them hit a middle-aged man on his head with a big lathi. His head split in four and he was bleeding profusely. I knew the man; his name was Sushil Bose. Witnessing this horrid scene and hearing wild cry of Allah-ho-Akbar, I realized the situation was ominous and went inside the house.

Thereafter a group of Muslims attacked Hindu houses one after another. Our door was damaged and letter-box broken. Inside the house, we were all confounded and panic-stricken. Father forbade us not to go outside. At about 11 or 12 night, the ruffians again attacked the locality. I saw group of Muslims with swords, daggers and other kinds of arms in their hands.

They were belligerently shouting at the top of their voice–that they would slaughter the Hindus one by one. Mother, father, elder sister and me were all extremely terrified. We could be attacked any time. The main cause of concern was my elder sister. She was fairly handsome. I realized that sister would be their first target. Lust for Hindu girls was inherent in their blood.

One day a ghastly scene of barbarity came to my notice, while going to the University through Rajabazar area. Like butchers, who keep parts of slaughtered animals hanging by hooks, similarly naked bodies of Hindu girls–their hands and legs severed, were kept hanging by hairs. Horrid and heinous was that scene. It was the first time that I saw the open upper of ladies.”

[Mr.G.B.Majumdar, Ex. I.G. of Police, West Bengal]
This letter was written to Gandhi ji by Mr. G.B Majumdar.



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