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Kushtia: Attack on Lalon Bhakts for allegedly playing music, 5 injured

An attack took place on the saints after they gathered at the house of a Lalon Bhakt in the Laubaria area of Daulatpur in the Kushtia district of Bangladesh. At least five people were injured in this attack. The injured are being treated at the Daulatpur Upazila Health Complex. The attack took place on November 5.

According to local sources, Palan Mandal of Laubaria village organises sadhusang at home every year. Bauls, Sadhus, Lalon Bhakts, and followers from different areas joined the Sadhus. Last Saturday, too, Lalon Bhakts came to the house from different areas.

Fakir Shafi of the Taragunia area of the upazila, who was seriously injured in this attack, said, “If the locals had forbidden us, we would not have organised the sit-in at that house that day. Now we want a fair trial of this incident.”

Fakir Shafi, a follower of Lalon Darshan, said that a new place has been made for Fakir’s theoretical discussions in Bhakt Palan’s house. It is within his homestead. Several people were invited there on the day of the incident. We go there and perform the evening programme as per our customs. On that day, after Isha Azan, our activities started as per custom. There was no microphone or sound box used. There were no musical instruments and no singing. Apart from this, no one objected to the arrangement there.

He also added that “on the night of the incident, some people suddenly surrounded the house and started vandalizing, besides throwing bricks. The attackers were 15 to 20 people in total. At that time, they severely beat and injured the present veteran Sadhus. No one, men, women, old people, or children, were exempted there.”

A case has already been filed at the local police station. The concerned Union Parishad Chairman Mahiul Islam Mahi said, “I have heard that there has been trouble with the local Muslims of the area for playing music.”

Previously on 12 September, a communal attack took place in Lahini Karmakar village in Kushtia district of Bangladesh. Unidentified miscreants vandalised the under-construction Durga Pratima in the village. At one point, the attackers fled when the local Hindus noticed. During this attack, the attackers broke the heads, arms, legs, etc. of the under-construction Durga Pratima.



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