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Hindu property occupied for a plastic factory in Bangladesh

Mistiri Para is one of the neighbourhoods in the Bhabla area of ​​Belabo Upazila of Narsingdi district in Bangladesh. Several minority Hindu families live in this neighbourhood. Recently, there have been allegations of land grabbing by the majority Muslim land grabbers in the area and forcibly occupying the lands of the minority Hindu residents. According to the aggrieved minority Hindus, there has been a long-running attempt to seize the ancestral property of the local minority Hindu Khokon Sutradhar to set up a factory called “Dipan Plastic Industry Limited” funded by JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency).

Dipan Plastic Industry Limited

According to the Hindu minority victim Khokon Sutradhar, recently he started building houses in his ancestral place. Khokon Sutradhar was stopped by the workers of the plastic factory led by the local majority Muslim land grabber Rana as soon as he started working on the house. They claimed that Khokon Sutradhar will not be able to build a house in this place. The Muslim bandits also advised him to move elsewhere.

Hindu minority victim Khokan Sutradhar

Khokon Sutradhar said that the land grabbers who attacked the place did not say anything about the money. In other words, Khokon Sutradhar was asked to pay for the plastic factory without selling the land. They also told him to stay away from talking about the land sale. If the land is not released, the attackers threatened to kill Khokon Sutradhar. The Hindu victim Khokon Sutradhar further said that the attackers had severely beaten the housebuilders.

Hindu minority victim Khokan Sutradhar’s ancestral property

As of last news, the local administration has not yet taken any action regarding the occupation of this land. The victim Hindu Khokon Sutradhar said that if he gets the necessary help, he will go on the path of fighting legally. Despite informing the local members and chairman about the matter, there is no progress regarding this issue. But on the other hand, being a minority Hindu community, the afflicted Hindu family is naturally living in fear of being attacked again.



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