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Dibar Dighi and Kaivarta Stambha

The Kaivarta Stambha in the Dibar (দিবর/Dibor) Dighi (pond). 

Dibar Dighi (Bengali: দিবর দিঘী) is a pond in Patnitala Upazila, Naogaon District, Bangladesh.

Dibar Dighi and the Kaivarta Stambha is located in a remote village on the northern side of Nazipur-Sapahar highway in Patnitala Upazila of Naogaon District. The dighi was excavated in the centre of an elevated mound measuring about 100 acres covering an area of 20 acres of land. The octagonal granite pillar known as Kaivarta Stambha stands in the centre of the tank. The apex of the pillar is crown shaped decorated with three inflated circular rings.

Sir Buchanon Hamilton visited the site in 1807-08 and measured the height of the pillar as 10.33 metres. Sir Alexandar Cunninghum visited the site in 1879-80 and reported the pillar’s height as 9.14 metres. According to his report, the length of this pillar’s underground portion was 2.5 to 3 metres, under-water length 4 metres and the length of visible portion over water was estimated as only 3 metres. He also reported that the length between each angle was 4 metres.

Dibar dighi, Kaivarta Stambha visible in the middle. 
It can be assumed from these historical evidences that the monument was built as a memorial of the victory of Kaivarta king Dibyak or Dibya in his war against king Mahipala II (1075-1080) of Pala dynasty. The pillar appears to be built by king Dibyak or his successor Rudak or Bhim sometime in the second half of the eleventh century. The name of the village as Dibar may be derived after the name of king Dibyak or Dibya.

The Kaivarta pillar or Dibar stambha/pillar from up close. 



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