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Devi Katyayani, Dankuni


Currently situated in Dankuni, the Devi Katyayani Vigraha is a fine example of Shakta-Vaishnav joint venture in Bengal. On the two sides of the Adi-matrika or ancient mother, Lakshmi and Janardan have found their place as symbols of ‘purush’ and ‘prakriti’. 

This particular vigraha was first established 400 years ago in Dhaka’s Bikrampur, in the house of a Brahmin named Danswarup Chattopadhyay. The devi was worshipped in the family as per tradition. Currently the vigraha is in Dankuni of Hooghly district. 

The animal slaughter ritual has been replaced by the single stroke slicing of a wax gourd or chalkumro. The ancient thatched manuscript, large Khargo and mirror still acconpanies the vigraha during puja. 




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