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Barisal: Islamists allege blasphemy, attack and loot Hindu shop

Islamists are finding new ways to torture Hindus in Bangladesh. In continuation of this, this time on January 10, in the area adjacent to the Barisal river port (the old launch ghat), local Islamists attacked and looted the Ghosh Sweets store on the false accusation of insulting Islam.

Victim Hindu shop.

Onlookers and locals said Saurabh Dhali, a Muslim employee of a shop in Haji Mohammad Mohsin Market, had his breakfast at the Ghosh Sweets store. After eating, he tries to leave the shop without paying for the food. At that time, an employee of that shop asked the accused Muslim youth, Saurabh Dhali, to pay the money due for the food. But the accused, Sourav, started beating the shop clerk without paying the money.

Local Islamist Attackers.

At one point, the accused Muslim youth came out of the shop and started complaining that the Hindu employee of Ghosh Sweets had deliberately pulled his beard. After that, the local Islamist crowd gathered at the place and attacked and looted the Hindu shop.

As a result of this incident, Hindus in the local area are suffering from fear and insecurity. Even though the police are deployed in the local area, the local Hindus are afraid of Islamist attacks.



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