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Bagerhat: Hindu girl stabbed for rejecting proposal from Obaid

A Hindu student named Priyanka Biswas was brutally stabbed in Bagerhat’s Chitalmari after she rejected a love proposal. The assailant has been identified as Obaid Sikder, son of Showkat Sikder of Kuraltala village.

After the attack, Priyanka Biswas was admitted to the Chitalmari Upazila Health Center in critical condition. Priyanka Biswas’s family is in extreme panic over the issue. Priyanka Biswas is the daughter of Alok Biswas of Dakatiya village in Chitalmari Upazila.

Chitalmari, Bagerhat.

Rina Rani Biswas, the mother of the Hindu student who was attacked, said, “On Tuesday, October 18, Priyanka and her elder brother, Ujjal Biswas, left for home from Dhaka. After that, they got off the bus at Saildah Bazar and boarded a rented motorcycle. On the way back home, at around 8:00 p.m., when they reached the spot called Ambari, a motorcycle started following them, and Obaid Sikder, son of Showkat Sikder of Kuraltala village, was sitting behind that motorcycle. From the moving bike, after stabbing Priyanka twice, he ran away. At this time, Priyanka screamed. The people around her rushed and quickly admitted Priyanka to the Chitalmari Health Center.


In this regard, Chitalmari Upazila Health Center official Dr Mamun Hasan said, “Priyanka was found with two knife injuries on her back. Initially, she was treated. She has been kept under round-the-clock care as the back injury is serious.

Injured Hindu student Priyanka Biswas, lying on the hospital bed, said that she is studying in the third year of Saik Nursing College in Mirpur, Dhaka. Obaid Sikder had been proposing love to her many times. Obaid was furious at her for rejecting his love proposal and went there to harass her several times. A general diary was also made at the police station about the matter. After this incident was reported to Obaid’s family, his family assured them that such incidents would not happen again. But Obaid got angry and attacked her.

Previously, in Chitalmari, Bagerhat district of Bangladesh, the local frantic Islamist mob stormed the police station, accusing a Hindu college student of “insulting Islam” on Facebook. Hundreds of local Islamists started protesting in front of the main gate of the police station at around 12 pm on June 20th. The police claimed that at one stage, they started throwing brickbats at the police station building.

According to the police, 12 policemen, including the officer-in-charge of Chitalmari police station, were injured in the attack. In addition, eight of the attackers were reported injured. Several of the injured were shot.



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