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Ancient Bengali in Brahmi Script


Location: Mangalbari, Bhim Er Paanti, Naogaon.

Depiction: Bengali language from over a eleven hundred years ago. Bengali was once written using Brahmi script. 

The pillar depicts a poem from a ‘Charjapad’ written by a poet who describes how poverty has affected his life. 

“টালতে মোর ঘর নাহি পড়বেষী।

হাড়ীতে ভাত নাহি নিতি আবেশী।

বেঙ্গ সংসার বডহিল জাঅ।

দুহিল দুধ কি বেন্টে ষামায়।”

My house is on a hillock, I have no neighbours

There is no rice in my pipkin(handi), I starve every day

My family is growing every day like that of a frog’s, 

The milk goes back to the udder of the cow. 



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