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Sri Sri Adinath Temple

Adinath Temple, located on the summit of Mainak Hill on Maheshkhali Island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, is dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva, who is worshipped as Adinath. The temple is famous for the annual fair held at the foot of Mainak Hill in the month of Phalgun as per the Bengali calendar. The fair, which lasts 13 days, draws thousands of Hindus from across Bangladesh.

The journey to the temple is itself an adventure and if you’re are not the religious type you will definitely take that as a reason for your travel to Maheshkhali island. The 600 year old temple stands on top of Mainak hill and offers an amazing view. Great craftsmanship is visible in every square inch of the temple, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how advanced the Hindus were from hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Source: Wikipedia & Google



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