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Hindu hotels in Old Dhaka, Sanatani food tradition of Bangladesh

Vegetarian food is always a favourite among the Sanatanis. Most Hindus still follow a vegetarian diet. In the same way, vegetarian food is still very much present in the Hindu society of Bangladesh. Due to the cruelty of history, living in a Muslim majority country, the Hindus of Bangladesh have a lot of problems in finding vegetarian food restaurants.

Also, Hindus in Bangladesh cannot dare to go to ordinary restaurants without finding vegetarian restaurants. Because at different times there have been incidents of Hindus being fed beef without their knowledge through tricks at common restaurants. It is also difficult to get non-halal food apart from these restaurants.

For all these reasons, many Hindus in Bangladesh now do not want to go anywhere other than vegetarian restaurants. There are still several Hindu restaurants in the heart of Dhaka city that have been serving delicious vegetarian food for a long time. Today, some of these Hindu restaurants are highlighted.

Bishnupriya Bhojonaloy, Tanti Bazar

Bishnupriya Bhojonaloy.

It is the oldest vegetarian hotel in Tanti Bazar. Steamed hot rice will appear in front of you in the tray first. Then in another tray, you will find 10-12 types of vegetarian food. It will have pulses, mash, laushak, cabbage curry, cheese dalna, chanar dhoka, patal-mustard curry, and various foods including jackfruit vegetables. Vegetables vary according to the season and vegetables are cooked accordingly. Here you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food for only 100 rupees. Food is available here from 8 am to 11 pm. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant is quite clean and tidy.

Jagannath Bhojonaloy

Jagannath Bhojonaloy, Tanti Bazar

Jagannath Restaurant may be the ideal restaurant for vegetarian lovers. Jagannath Restaurant is located next to Tati Bazar Shiva Temple. A plate of rice will come to your table as soon as you wash your hands. Then all kinds of vegetables will come to your table in small bowls. You can pick the vegetable curry of your choice. The menu of Jagannath Restaurant includes Karala Varta, Aloo Varta, Begun Varta, Cheese Curry, Chana Curry, Mug Pulses, Khesari Pulses, Raw Banana Curry, Mango Chutney, Beguni, Pakora, Payes and many more. Vegetarian Papad, soybean chunks, potato chips, etc are available at the hotel. Food is sold here at very low prices. Besides, the hotel environment is also quite developed.

Adi Govinda Restaurant, Tanti Bazar

Govinda Restaurant is near Tanti Bazar Shiva Temple. Here you will get rice and pulses for only 25 takas; Besides, other vegetables cost only taka per plate. Good quality and tasty food can be enjoyed here at a low cost. There is a parcel facility for taking food home. About 8-10 vegetarian food items are prepared at Adi Govinda Restaurant. Since there is no refrigerator, fresh vegetables are bought every day and fresh food is cooked.

There are several vegetarian non-halal hotels in the vicinity of Siddheswari Basudev Temple in Tantibazar.

Not only are these three restaurants in Tanti Bazar, but also almost every corner of Tanti Bazar to Shankhari Bazar has vegetarian food hotels, evening snacks, sweets etc. After a while, the sound of Aarti comes from the nearby temples. All in all, in this area of ​​old Dhaka at night, you are bound to get the impression of traditional Hindu culture. Vegetarian food is also available at the ISKCON temple in Swamibagh.



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