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Republican Bob Lancia spoke out to recognize Hindu genocide in 1971

One of the most heinous murders on the list of state-sponsored genocide in the history of mankind was the Hindu genocide carried out by the Pakistan Army in Bangladesh in 1971. At that time Pakistan issued a fatwa stating that all freedom fighters would be marked as “Hindus” and their women looted as “Booty of war”. For nine months in a row, the Pakistani military and its allied Islamists have killed between two to three million people and raped two to four lakhs women.

American Congress candidate Bob Lancia has recently spoken out against this infernal Hindu genocide. He is competing from Rhode Island. The Republican tweeted directly, “A friend shared this link about the 1971 state-sponsored genocide in Bangladesh. The scale of violence was comparable to the genocide in Rwanda. Shocked to learn that most of the perpetrators haven’t been brought to justice yet.”

Earlier, Nupur Tandon had proposed to the City Council of Ohio that the USA should formally recognize the 1971 Hindu genocide in Bangladesh. In the resolution, speaker Nupur Tandon also quoted that the killers of three million people in 1971 are now at the center of Pakistan’s power and political influence.

On the other hand, in the City Council of Pembroke Pines Miami, Florida, Ram Tiwari similarly pointed out the need of USA to blame the present leadership of the Pakistan Army for the 1971 Hindu genocide in Bangladesh.

Human rights groups have hailed Republican congress candidate Bob Lancia, for his remarks on the 1971 Hindu genocide perpetrated by the Pakistani military and its allied Islamists. At least as a result of his statement, it is clear that the demand for official recognition of the infernal Hindu genocide that took place in 1971 in Bangladesh is becoming increasingly strong.



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