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Educational institutions in Bangladesh were patronized by Hindu gentry

The number of Hindus in Bangladesh has been declining since the partition. The main reason for this is the communal oppression, despite that, something else is written in the history of Bangladesh. For a long time, the local Hindu kings and Zamindars were the social patrons of the East Bengal region. But over time, those Hindu kings and Zamindars have been established as oppressors in the conventional history of Bangladesh and the victory story of Bakhtiyar Khilji has been composed as bravery. As a result, the social reforming consciousness of Hindu kings and Zamindars has been completely suppressed. On the other hand, the majority of people of the East Bengal have done land reform under oppression, this narrative is very much popular in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, the history of the Hindus of Bangladesh says something else. At the same time, the witnesses of time, various establishments, had been silently clinging to the truth for a long time. Looking at the names of the old educational institutions in the East Bengal region i.e. Bangladesh, it is clear that the fictions of oppression of Hindu kings and Zamindars in the history of Bangladesh are very fabricated and malicious. Here are the names of some schools and colleges in the East Bengal region i.e. Bangladesh. These educational institutions were built under the patronage of Hindu kings and Zamindars. From these names alone one can get an idea of ​​how generously the Hindu kings and Zamindars performed their duties for the betterment of the people of East Bengal.

Dutta High School, Netrokona.


  1. Vidyamayee Government Girls School
  2. Digpait Dharani Kant High School
  3. Mahakali Girls School and College
  4. Gauripur R.K. Government High School
  5. Netrokona Dutta High School
  6. Kendua Joy Hari Sprai Government High School
  7. Harishdatta’s National School
  8. Amilaish Kanchana Banga Chandra Ghosh Institute
  9. Annada Government High School, Sarail
  10. Annada Government High School, Brahmanbaria
  11. Rupashdi Vrindavan High School
  12. Kuti Atal Bihari High School
  13. Arun Chandra High School
  14. Brother Andre High School
  15. St. Placid’s High School
  16. Anandaniketan School
  17. Government Jubilee High School
  18. Brajnath High School Pile Gaon
  19. Panchkhand Haragovinda High School
  20. Bhunbir Dasharath High School
  21. Mangalachandi Nishikanta High School
  22. Raja GC High School
  23. Lalita High School
  24. Laskarpur Primary School
  25. Rajshahi Lokenath High School
  26. Rajshahi B.B. Hindu Academy
  27. PN Girls High School
  28. Ulipur Maharani Swarnamoyi High School and College
  29. Jayguli High School
  30. Harimohan Government High School
  31. Dimla Rani Binda Rani Government High School
  32. Mahesh Chandra Pilot High School
    33 Brajamohan Vidyalaya
  33. Jagadish Saraswat Girls Secondary School
  34. Mathuranath Public School
Raja G.C. High School, Sylhet.


  1. Jagannath College, present Jagannath University
  2. SOS Hermann Meiner College
  3. Notre Dame College
  4. Bharateshwari Homes
  5. Holycross College
  6. Comilla Victoria College
  7. Gunabati Degree College
  8. Narail Victoria College
  9. Government Keshab Chandra College
  10. Amrit Lal Dey College
  11. Brajamohan College
  12. Madanmohan College
  13. Murarichand College
  14. Carmichael College, Rangpur
  15. Anandamohan University College
  16. Notre Dame College, Mymensingh
  17. Mahakali Girls School and College
Carmichael College, Rangpur.


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