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Archaeological Findings at Rakshasi Danga, Karnasubarna (1)


Exhibit: Idol head 1

Three idol heads were dug out of Rakshasi Danga. According to the archaeologists who conducted the excavations, these heads were assumably not part of any idol or vigraha, they were worshipped as idol heads only. Amal Roy, the superintendent of the state archaeology department team stated, “It is not yet known whether these heads are of any deity or not… Since the site is very near to Karnasubarna, the Capital city of Shashanka, this place may be a part of the 7th century Karnasubarna metropolis. The objects resemble the finds at Deka….”– 

(The Deka site is about 35 km from Rakshashi Danga and dates back to 6th Century CE)

Image: ASI



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