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20 Hindu families blocked access outside of home in Barisal

In Barisal, Bangladesh, local influential people have blocked at least twenty Hindu families. At least 20 Hindu families in Saliyabakpur village of Banaripara upazila have been enclosed in the house due to the incident. According to local Hindus, two influential people have erected a bamboo fence in the middle of the common people’s road. As a result, about twenty members of Hindu families are forced to use the road next to the river.

According to local sources, a few days ago, Anisur Rahman and Yar Hossain brought their men and erected a fence with bamboo and poles on the only road for the affected Hindu families. Local victims Rajib Das, Shankar Das, Bankim Chandra, Sanjeev Das and Samir Das said that they have been living like this for a long time because of the anger of the local influential people. It is learned that local influential of the area Anisur Rahman and Yar Hossain recently claimed ownership of the road.

A written complaint was lodged with the police against the local Hindus for obstructing the unjust activities of the influential people at that time. Accused Yar Hossain became the plaintiff and lodged a written complaint against the local Hindus at the police station. Neighbor Nur Hossain was made a defendant. Members of the Hindu families said they had been enclosed in the house as the only way out of their house was blocked. As a result of the local administration not taking any action against the accused, a frightening situation is prevailing among the local Hindus.



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