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Remembering CPM CM Jyoti Basu’s State Sponsored Marichjhapi Hindu Proletariat Genocide

Communism world over has taken the lives of over 100 million people in its bid to conquer power and further massacres to remain in power. The Communist Party of India’s history is filled with a politics drenched in blood often of the very proletariats for whose cause they ostensibly seek power and declare class wars.

In India, the left ruled Bengal for over 35 years by simply exterminating any opposition. Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Marichjapi genocide state sponsored by the CPM Chief Minister Jyoti Basu. Predictably, though the card carrying members of the left in the media completely deny the very occurrence of this shameful incident in independent Indian history next to perhaps only the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir in 1989-90.

On this day, in 1978 Jyoti Basu’s communist terrorists and state police unleashed a bone chilling terror on the hapless 40,000 Dalit Hindu refugees from Bangladesh settled in an island named Marichjhapi in the Sundarban delta. The Sundarban is a mangrove delta formed by the confluence of Ganga, Bhramaputra and Meghna rivers in the Bay of Bengal.

While the leftist goons and the state police under Jyoti Basu reigned terror on the helpless people in Marichjhapi, true to communist style as in China, the media was not allowed anywhere near to record the event. Paradoxically, we have the same leftists like Siddharth Vardarajan, N Ram, etc. wax eloquently about freedom of press and freedom of expression today, they perhaps mean freedom to exclude all other voices other than theirs.

The settlers in Marichjhapi were victims of Islamic persecution in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. They were mostly illiterate fishermen and peasants who stoically resisted conversions and came to India in a very desperate state.

The Congress government denied them rehabilitation and bundled them off to inhospitable Dandakaranya forests. Communists who were in opposition then, very vociferously opposed this move and insisted that they should be rehabilitated in West Bengal as they were Bengalis.

So, when the CPI (M) came to power in West Bengal in 1977 mostly by the votes of people displaced from Bangladesh, the refugees thought they would be allowed to live in West Bengal so they came back from Dandakaranya. The CPI(M), supposedly a party for the poor proletariats, ordered the hapless Hindus to herd back to Dandakaranya.

This was unacceptable to some 40,000 people who felt cheated and wanted their families to have better future than die in the harsh conditions in the Dandakaranya, so they settled in the Marichjhapi island.

The CPI(M) showed its true Fascist colours. They surrounded the island and denied food and even drinking water to the huge sea of humanity with women and young children settled there by forcing them to starve to death if they insisted on making Marichjhapi their homeland.

The CPI(M) also surrounded the island with their goons and police and opened fire on them. Many children and women died. Those men who tried to swim and escape the blood thirsty communists, were devoured by the crocodiles and sharks in the turbulent rivers. The remaining people were forcefully sent back to Dandakaranya.

This story of the untold red terror was reminisced by Thathagata Roy, a senior member of the BJP and a ex-Governor today in a tweet thread posted below.

Marichjhapi massacre and genocide is all the more important today as the communists- jihadis-Khalistanis today run a fake farmers protest under the garb of human rights whereas the truth is these despicable blood thirsty hounds just want a bloody mayhem to capture power and dismember the country. Notably, the first communist Chief Minister of Kerala, EMS Namboodiripad had once very famously said, that their (the communists’) project in participating in India’s parliamentary institutions was to wreck the constitution from within.



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